Socaire, San Pedro de Atacama


Socaire is a town located in the second region of Antofagasta at 3500 meters above sea level, 25 kilometers from Camar, 86 kilometers from San Pedro de Atacama and 402 kilometers east of Antofagasta. It is the last Chilean town on route CH-23 towards Argentina, through the Sico Pass. It has 3G telephony in 900 MHZ band thanks to Entel and WOM via Entel; the other companies like Movistar and Claro do not reach this town.

If there is a place that allows you to enjoy the scenic wonders offered by the Salar de Atacama, that is the village of Socaire. The village owes its importance not so much to its being the main viewpoint of the salt flat, but also to its craftsmanship. The traditional weaving of sheep's wool and camelids is an example of this. The village also has a hostel for visitors that is staffed by members of the community.